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Why me & 100,000+ Americans
are taking this career test
to find their dream job

Hi, I'm Natalie! I landed my dream job by taking a career test. I've summarized all the research I found after taking over 50 career tests to help you save time and find your perfect career. Let's find a career you will love, together!

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I went from Sales Associate to Chief of Staff
by taking a career test:

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Not too long ago, I was a Sales Associate just like many of you. I had dreams, aspirations, and goals. But I wasn't sure about the direction to take, nor did I have a clear idea about my strengths and weaknesses. That was, until I stumbled upon the world of career tests, which led me to my current role of Chief of Staff, two years later.

Finding the ideal career test can be tough. With hundreds of options out there, each taking 30 minutes to sometimes a couple of hours, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. I felt lost in my career as a Sales Associate and knew I wanted to do more in my life. I decided to embarked on a journey to discover my true calling and make the right career choice. I took over 50 career tests, eventually finding my perfect fit. My friends, facing similar challenges, urged me to share my experience to benefit others like us. Let's explore together!

The best career test I tried:

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What I love:
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The most accurate test I have taken.
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Use its own AI/ML algorithm.
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Extremely personalized.
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A detailed breakdown of evaluation results.
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Premium Analysis available with a money-back guarantee.
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Step-by-Step Guideline to improve oneself.
What could be better:
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Can't take the test multiple times.
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⭐ Overall Thoughts

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It gave me five different job recommendations, alongside much other valuable information.

My top choice is It quickly set a high standard versus the other career tests I took, and was also the career test that recommended me, Administrator, that kicked started my journey to become Chief of Staff!

It took me about 20 minutes to complete the test. The detailed report broke down my core strengths, areas of interest, and career paths that would be a perfect fit for me. To my surprise, it revealed that I had strong leadership abilities, excellent strategy formulation skills, and a passion for driving teams towards a shared goal.

Jobtest's algorithm considered factors like career-personality type, current job, salary, satisfaction, ideal career, and unmet needs. It provided me with a set of recommendations that takes all of these into account, making it feel more personalized and accurate compared to tests that only considered one or a few criteria.

🤔Why I recommend this over 50+ other career tests

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🎉 Fast Forward to Today

Two years later, here I am - the Chief of Staff at a renowned organization. I owe a significant part of this success to It's not just a test; it’s a mirror that reflects who you truly are and where your potential lies. If I hadn’t taken a career test, I might still be wondering about my calling, unsure of the next step.

If you're feeling stuck, unsure, or just curious about what your future could look like, I can't recommend trying this enough. It's more than just a few questions and answers—it's an investment in yourself and your future.