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Hi, I am Natalie!

After hitting a career bump last year, I took over 50 career tests to find what I really wanted. Now in a job I truly love, I'm excited to help you discover your perfect fit. Let's find your dream job together.

The best career
of 2023:

Personal experience
56+ hours research

✈️A Full Year's Journey

Finding the ideal career test can be tough. With hundreds of options out there, each taking 30 minutes to sometimes a couple of hours, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. When I lost my job, I embarked on a journey to discover my true calling and make the right career choice. I took over 50 career tests and talked to a number of career coaches, eventually finding my perfect fit. My friends, facing similar challenges, urged me to share my experience to benefit others like me. Here it goes!

🧪 My Evaluation Criteria

  • Accuracy of results: This might be subjective, but after taking dozens of tests, I could discern which ones were more accurate and had better quality.
  • Underlying evaluation principles: Many tests used the Holland Code (RIASEC) or its variations. Others employed unique principles or AI/ML algorithms with predictive statistics, which I found more personalized.
  • Considerations: Too many tests focused only on personality or interest, ignoring practical factors like compensation. I wanted a job that aligned with my passion but also the one that met my target salary.
  • Personalization: Some reports seemed copied and pasted from the internet, lacking personalization. I ranked the degree of personalization highly because I believe one job doesn't fit all, and recommendations should be tailored to individuals.

All the career tests (only the ones I physically printed out) that I went through during my quest.

✅ Additional Criteria:

📈 Cost
How expensive is it?
🛡️ Ease of Use
How user-friendly is it?
📅 Time Efficiency
How long does it take?
🤓 Quality
Are they good quality?
📚 Validity
How valid is the result?
🧑 Relevance
Do they use the latest data?

Starting with the best

★  Winner  ★

❤️ What I love about it:

  • The most accurate test I have taken.
  • Use its own AI/ML algorithm.
  • Extremely personalized.
  • A detailed breakdown of evaluation results.
  • Premium Analysis available with a money-back guarantee.
  • Step-by-Step Guideline to improve oneself.

🧐 What could be better

  • Can't take the test multiple times.

Update: They released the retake functionality, and you can now take the test multiple times.

⭐  Overall Rating 4.8/5 swiftly became my top choice after a close friend recommended it during a challenging time when I lost my job. It wasn't just another career test; it felt like a genuine guiding hand during a tumultuous phase of my life, and it provided me with everything that I was looking for - from identifying the career that I would be a good fit for to meeting with a personal career coach that walked me through step-by-step.

Snapshot of the report I received.

📈 Accuracy of Results

Reflecting on my college days, I pursued a popular career path, one that many of my peers ventured into. Yet, it wasn’t the right fit for me.’s accuracy shone when it pinpointed the misalignment between my personality and previous job roles. The results felt attuned to my personal history and current aspirations.

🛡️ Underlying Evaluation Principles

Having experienced firsthand the repercussions of choosing a mismatched career, I value the importance of deep introspection and guidance.’s AI/ML algorithms resonate with this sentiment, going beyond surface-level analyses to truly understand an individual’s essence.

I received a highly personalized set of recommendations to choose from.

📚 Considerations (of Factors)

The platform’s in-depth look into aspects like the current job, salary, ideal career, and especially unmet needs, mirrored my own journey of self-reflection post-college. These multitudinous factors gave a holistic viewpoint.

🤓 Personalization

This is where truly feels like that close friend who just 'gets' you. Not only did it give me five distinct job recommendations, but it also took me on a journey of understanding my career personality. The insights into strengths, weaknesses, and growth areas felt like a compassionate nudge towards self-improvement.

I was able to look at what other people thought of the given career.

🧑 Additional Criteria

Cost: Investing in the premium features felt worth every penny. The depth of the analysis and actionable advice felt like a personal career coaching session (you could also get a personal career coach matched for extra).
Ease of Use: The step-by-step guidance felt like a gentle hand leading me through a maze, making the often daunting task of career introspection much simpler.
Time Efficiency: Considering that the test took just about 20 minutes of my time, the breadth and depth of the insights provided were nothing short of impressive.
Quality: Every snippet of information, be it the top job recommendations or the insightful career personality analysis, was delivered with meticulous care.
Validity: The results mirrored my own life experiences and sentiments, underscoring its credibility.
Relevance: Beyond just job recommendations, it was the actionable advice—like tailoring my resume or seeking further education—that made stand out as a highly relevant tool in today’s dynamic job landscape.


❤️ What I love about it:

  • Less than 15 minutes to complete the test.
  • Free options available, though the quality is poor.
  • Simple UI/UX design.

🧐 What could be better

  • Recommendation based on outdated principles.
  • Unjustifiable price points for contents they provide.
  • Hidden subscription services.
  • Difficulties in getting the refund.
  • No personalization.
  • Registration is required.

⭐  Overall Rating 4.2/5

I rate a 4.2/5. Though it doesn’t match the exceptional standards set by, it’s still above average when compared to many other career tests. The platform sports a fun design with its bright colors and animated graphics but misses the mark on certain critical aspects.

Snapshot of the website.

📈 Accuracy of Results

While the platform boasts a myriad of free tests, including those like the IQ test, Depression test, and Burnout test, their accuracy left me somewhat underwhelmed. The career test questions felt generic and repetitive, leading to an equally generic report. Instead of offering profound insights or understanding my unique career journey, the test seemed to echo general sentiments that are commonly known.

🛡️ Underlying Evaluation Principles's recommendations seem to be based on outdated principles. This became evident in the test’s repetitive nature and the broad categorization in the reports. The platform seems to focus more on quantity than depth, offering numerous tests but compromising on depth and originality.

📚 Considerations (of Factors)

The site offers various tests, making it seem versatile at first glance. However, on a closer look, many of these tests appear to be designed as mere "fun time-killers." The quality, especially of the free ones, is questionable at best.

🤓 Personalization

This is where truly falls short. The platform lacks the personal touch that makes career tests genuinely impactful. The paid reports, despite their cost, failed to offer tailored insights. Broad categorizations without meaningful guidance or actionable steps left me feeling like just another number in their system.

Full Report I received.

🧑 Additional Criteria

Cost: While the platform offers free options, the quality of these tests is not up to par. Even their paid tests, ranging from $4.99 to $29.99, do not provide value that justifies their price point. I found myself questioning the worth of the reports I purchased.

Ease of Use: The platform scores well in terms of UI/UX design, boasting bright colors and cute animated graphics, making it engaging for users.

Time Efficiency: The test duration is relatively short, taking less than 15 minutes to complete. However, the quality of insights received does not compensate for the saved time.

Quality: The repetitiveness in both questions and reports, along with broadly categorized results, made the overall quality questionable.

Validity: The use of outdated principles and lack of deep analysis brings into question the validity of their results.

Relevance: Despite its engaging design and plethora of tests, the platform fails to stay relevant in delivering actionable insights. The necessity of registration and hidden subscription services further detracts from its user-centric relevance.


❤️ What I love about it:

  • Interactive UI/UX design.
  • Library of visual contents with interviews.
  • Very short quiz (less than 5minutes to complete).

🧐 What could be better

  • Extremely difficult to navigate (too confusing).
  • Minimal personalization due to the length of the quiz.
  • Outdated information used in job-related information.
  • Heavily geared towards students.
  • Registration is required.

⭐ Overall Rating 3.7/5

Futurescape earns a decent 3.7/5 from me. Designed by the non-profit organization American Student Assistance (ASA), it appears to cater mainly to students. While there are commendable aspects, some features may not align with the requirements of those seeking more in-depth career insights.

📈 Accuracy of Results

Given the test's brevity, lasting less than 5 minutes, the results seem broad and somewhat general. This may be apt for students initiating their career journeys, offering them a general direction, but it falls short for those seeking detailed and personalized insights.

🛡️ Underlying Evaluation Principles

ASA Futurescape focuses on quantity over depth, aiming to provide students with a broad perspective on potential career paths. They seem to adopt a more generalized approach, casting a wider net to encompass as many students as possible.

📚 Considerations (of Factors)

The platform does an admirable job in partnering with various organizations, providing students with a wide range of resources. The inclusion of features like virtual job shadowing and access to mentors showcases their commitment to student development.

🤓 Personalization

Unfortunately, personalization isn't ASA Futurescape's strong suit. Given the quiz's short duration, it's challenging to expect a tailored experience. The platform’s focus leans heavily towards general information aimed at benefiting a larger student audience, making it less suitable for individuals seeking nuanced career insights.

🧑 Additional Criteria

Cost: The fact that it’s free for students is a notable advantage, making it an accessible tool for young individuals starting their career exploration.

Ease of Use: While the UI/UX design is interactive, the platform can be confusing to navigate. The absence of features like a search function can hinder the user experience.

Time Efficiency: The quiz is swift, taking less than 5 minutes. However, the speed compromises the depth of insights provided.

Quality: The content library, rich with interviews from various occupations, is a highlight. However, the breadth of information sometimes overshadows its depth.

: Some of the job-related information seems outdated, which can potentially mislead users about certain career paths.

Relevance: ASA Futurescape is undoubtedly valuable for its target audience - students. But for graduates or those considering a career shift, it might not offer the depth and specificity they require.

Why I Chose

Wrapping up my journey, I dove into numerous career tests, hoping to find some clarity about my future. Out of all the options, truly made a difference. It wasn't just another test; it used smart technology to really understand what I was looking for. Within a short 20-minute span, it painted a clear and detailed picture of potential careers that matched my skills and interests. Beyond just listing job options, it gave me insights into my strengths and areas I could grow in. For anyone feeling lost or unsure about their career direction, I can't recommend enough. It's a simple tool, but the impact it had on my career decisions was profound. Give it a try, and it might just be the guidance you've been searching for.