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Hi, I am Natalie!

I used to dread going to work every day and would count down the minutes until it was time to leave. Last year, I decided to do something about this and switch my career path. Let me tell you.. it is the best decision I've ever made. I took over 50 career tests to help me find my passion and wanted to share my journey to help others find their perfect career by sharing my learnings. Let's go discover a career you're passionate about!

Hi there!

I am a Boston-based professional now working in the biotech industry for a non-profit. Growing up I had a wide range of career aspirations – from being a performer to an art gallery owner and even a fashion designer. I was always drawn to individuals I would see in movies, and would often daydream about being just like them.

As I was growing up and learned about different occupations, my choices narrowed down. By the time I got to college, I found myself only considering careers that my family and people around me were in, which often meant lackluster desk jobs that had a known career path. 

After I graduated I landed myself a corporate job. I was earning my first salary and enjoyed my first year of post college life. After a couple years I found myself enjoying myself outside of work, but felt like I was just going through the motions at work. My work life was soon pretty repetitive and unfulfilling, but I thought everyone felt this way, so I would just look forward to life outside of work.

However, once I was in my mid-20s I began to notice something. I noticed two types of people – those who are like me and work to make money to live a life outside of work and those who are passionate and excited about their work. When these individuals would speak about their work their faces would light up. They showed so much happiness and passion when talking about their work and how fulfilled it made them feel. These weren’t just finance CEOs or doctors, people with prestigious jobs – these were people with regular occupations as well.

I started to notice similarities among this other group of individuals. Hearing them speak about their work, all I could think was “man, this job fits them so well.” That’s when I started wondering how they got into these jobs, how did they find a job that fits them so perfectly. One of my old friends from college was a part of this group of people. We graduated college with the same major and even got our first jobs in the same industry, but when I saw her five years later, she was pursuing a completely different career and was visibly happier. When I asked what she did, she introduced me to the career test.

From that moment on I have been obsessed with career tests and have taken over 50 of them to find my true career passion. Because of career tests I am now a part of that second group of individuals and many of my friends have followed as well. This is the reason I created this blog – to help other people find the career that is best suited for them and can lead them to a happier, more enjoyable life, just like my friends and I did! I hope this blog can bring you to a more fulfilling work life :)

- Always, Natalie